Take Action

To support the campaign for a more equitable Ireland, please write, email, call or visit your local TD or senator, asking them to support the Equality Budgeting Campaign. Below is a sample letter you may wish to use or draw inspiration from. To find contact details for TDs in your constituency, check the link below.

Contact info for TDs.

Sample Letter to TD/Senator

Dear Deputy _________,

I am writing to you to ask for your support/continued support of the Equality Budgeting Campaign.

Over recent years, we have witnessed drastic increases in inequality, including a 25% increase in 2010 alone. Every fifth child in Ireland is now at risk of poverty, and one in ten people experiences food poverty. Unless Ireland’s equality infrastructure is strengthened through the introduction of measures routinely adopted elsewhere (e.g. in Scotland or Northern Ireland), this sorry picture of increasing inequality will not change. Existing equality measures are simply not sufficient to stave off the recent rise in disparities and poverty.


Robust measures, such as impact assessments and equality-proofing, especially of the budget, are necessary to provide information, which in turn would allow for decisions that are equitable and just. By publishing such information, the budgetary process would be transformed from a secretive affair with limited input from the legislature and civil society, to a transparent process of evidence-based policymaking. Other jurisdictions already have such measures in place, supported through positive duties on public bodies to ensure equality of opportunity. Given recent rises in inequality and poverty in Ireland, Ireland should therefore follow suit.


We do not believe that equality should be sacrificed in the name of the economic crisis. It is precisely because we find ourselves in difficult economic circumstances, that we have to ensure our limited resources are spent equitably. We therefore ask you to put policy before politics, for who could argue against a more equitable Ireland?

If you would like further information on the Equality Budgeting Campaign, please take a look at their website at equalitybudgeting.ie