Nessa Childers MEP writes on Equality Budgeting Seminar

Portrait photo of Nessa Childers M.E.P.The original version of the below article is found on Nessa Childer’s website.

Nessa attends seminar in Dublin hosted by the Equality Budget Campaign.


Held last Saturday 20 April, the seminar laid out in plain language the effect that the economic downturn is having on the every day lives of working people and added further evidence to the growing consensus that successive Government economic policies are driving more people into poverty while accelerating inequality across Irish society.

The objective of Equality Budgeting is straightforward and has far reaching benefits for our society and one that can be achieved at little cost to the taxpayer. Equality proofed policies that will reduce inequalities and achieve the best outcomes for specific disadvantaged groups.

Equality Budgeting calls for:

  • a pre Budget assessment of the impact public expenditure and resources have on certain sections of society.
  • a pre Budget assessment of who benefits from economic policy measures and who doesn’t.
  • the integation of equality as a driving principle in the planning, design, implementation and review of economic policy measures.
  • increased transparency in budgetary processes and economic decision-making.

A legacy that’s worth leaving in Government is a simple one and one the Labour Party should be pushing for at Cabinet, and on the backbenches, and that is to make sure that all Budgets have equality audits and impact assessments carried out and the research freely available to the public on Budget day.

This will be a small step towards protecting and prioritizing the most vulnerable by ensuring that no section of society is an easy target for cuts due to lack of lobbying power or ability to organise.

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