Budget 2014 Press Release

Press Release
For Immediate Release, 15.10.2013
Equality Budgeting Campaign: Budget 2014 Again Lacks Equality Focus

The Equality Budgeting Campaign today responded to Budget 2014, highlighting the lack of equality analysis accompanying the budget. Dr Clara Fischer, spokesperson for the campaign, said that “we are disappointed that the government has again not included a detailed equality analysis of the budget. Again, people in Ireland will only retrospectively realise how the budget impacts on them, and we are likely to see further increases in inequality and poverty. The rationale for undertaking equality-proofing of the budget before it is presented is precisely to avoid the disproportionate disadvantaging of members of our society, as seen in recent years. Organisations such as Tasc, Grant Thornton, the ESRI, and even the Department of Social Protection have undertaken retrospective analysis of previous budgets, which clearly shows that certain members of our society have been hardest hit. With no change in the way we ‘do’ budget in Ireland, this picture is unlikely to change.”

Louise Bayliss, spokesperson for the campaign, also said that “the budget process in Ireland is dysfunctional. Serious cuts, such as cuts young people’s welfare benefits, increases in the taxation of maternity benefit, and the phasing-out of the mortgage interest supplement for people trying hard to pay their mortgages, should have been equality-proofed and assessed with regard to their impact on certain social groups. As it is, this budget repeats the pattern of a disregard for equality and human rights implications of the budget. No infographic on ‘fairness’ on the government’s budget website will mask that fact.”
Further information on Equality Budgeting from here:
Further information on how to integrate Equality Budgeting in current changes to the budgetary process (co-authored with Stephen Donnelly, TD):
Dr. Clara Fischer – 087-7448916
Louise Bayliss – 085-7761267