The Equality Budgeting Campaign is a broad-based coalition of trade unions, NGOs and concerned individuals that are seeking the introduction of Equality Budgeting in Ireland. The campaign was founded in July 2012 in light of increases in inequality and poverty, and amidst growing evidence for the disproportionate impact economic policies are having on disadvantaged groups since the beginning of the economic crisis. Equality Budgeting has been internationally accepted as a means to effectively deal with inequality and poverty. There are over 60 countries worldwide that have adopted or are working toward equality budgeting, such as the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Tanzania and Uganda. It is now time for Ireland to follow suit to ensure a more just and equitable society for all.

What is Equality Budgeting?

Equality Budgeting is an approach to economic policy-making and planning that places equality at the centre of decisions concerning public expenditure and income. Through equality audits and impact assessments, Equality Budgeting provides information on how different sections of society are impacted by specific economic policy measures. The objective of Equality Budgeting lies in ensuring this information is used to reduce inequalities and to achieve the best equality outcomes for specific disadvantaged groups, but also for society at large.

Equality Budgeting goes beyond traditional approaches to economic policy-making and planning by:

- assessing the impact public expenditure and resources have on certain sections of society

- assessing who benefits from economic policy measures and who doesn’t

- ensuring equality is integrated as a driving principle in the planning, design, implementation and review of economic policy measures

- increasing transparency in budgetary processes and economic decision-making

Who we are
These are the members of the Equality Budgeting Campaign:

Irish Feminist Network

50:50 Group

National Women’s Council of Ireland

Unite the Union

UCD School of Social Justice



NUIM Department of Sociology

UCD School of Politics


UCC Women’s Studies

Immigrant Parents & Guardians Support Organisation

NUIM Centre for the Study of Wider Europe

Dublin Women’s Manifesto Group

TCD Irish School of Ecumenics

Kilbarrack Community Development Project

Irish Network Against Racism

Equality & Rights Alliance

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland

Countess Markievicz Summer School

Transgender Equality Network Ireland

UCD Equality Society

Women’s Aid

NUIM Centre for Media Studies

DCU Centre for Translation and Textual Studies

Immigrant Council of Ireland

LGBT Noise



Feminist Open Forum

Cork Feminista

Forum of People With Disabilities

Union of Students of Ireland

Labour Youth

Campaign for Labour Policies

Oxfam Ireland